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CHS firmly believes that regular attendance is necessary if each student is to receive the full benefits of class instruction. Excessive absenteeism generally results in poor learning and unsatisfactory grades. Also, good attendance habits have carry-over value for employment and later-life activities.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to be inside of their assigned classroom with all required materials in hand prior to the ringing of the tardy bell.  If a student arrives late to school, they MUST check-in through the Main Office attendance computer.  They will receive a note to provide their teacher as proof they have checked in.

Parent/Guardian Expectations

Parent/Guardians are expected to call the Main Office at 540-382-5178 to report their student’s absence each day.  Parents may also email one of the Main Office Administrative Assistants with a valid excuse for absence (Illness, death in family, doctor/dentist appointment, etc.).  If a student is absent due to illness for a period of longer than 3 days, a doctor’s note will be required to excuse any further absences.

Student Absences

A student is counted present only when he/she is present in the classroom or other approved designated area at the time of the tardy bell or is attending or participating in an approved school-sponsored field trip or event. A student shall be considered absent when he/she does not report to class during the assigned class period. Student absences will be recorded on a daily basis for each class period. This “period attendance” will be reported electronically to the office each period and is automatically included in individual student records. When a student is absent from school, an automated system will notify parents/guardians of their child’s absence from school. The system will begin calling home telephone numbers each morning. The system is designed to leave a message on an answering machine. If there is another telephone number other than the home number that parents/guardians wish to be called with this message, they should contact the administrative assistant in the main office at 540-382-5178 to make these arrangements. The notification will be based on the student’s attendance as reported by his/her 2nd period teacher. A reasonable effort will be made to contact a parent/guardian of each absent student every day and to obtain an explanation for the student’s absence, where there is no indication that the student’s parent is aware of and supports the absence. If for any reason a student will need to be out of school for an extended period of time, parents/guardians should notify the administrative assistant in the main office of the dates and circumstances of the anticipated absence. Absences for each grading period will be reported to the parent(s)/guardian(s) on the report card.

Attendance Definitions

Tardy- Arriving late to class without an acceptable excuse. Students arriving to school tardy MUST check-in at the Main Office attendance computer.

Check In- Arriving at school after the beginning of 1st period with an acceptable written excuse or parent/guardian phone call.. (Doctor’s notes, court summonses, etc.) Attendance and make-up work guidelines still apply for the time missed.

Lunch Detention- Students may be assigned lunch detention for excessive tardies they accumulate throughout the school year.


Checking Out

The front office staff must hear from a parent/guardian to allow a student to check-out from school.  When checking out, the student MUST report to the Main Office to check out at the attendance computer prior to leaving the building.